We offer our trucks to customers with either our own colour scheme or the colour's and logo's of the companies we work for.

We can provide scheduled transport services collecting and delivering all types of goods and produce throughout Ireland and Europe.

We are a fully licensed Haulage Company and have full Goods in Transit insurance and liability cover. All policies available for inspection on request.

All our trucks are fitted with mobile phones and a satellite tracking system so we can offer our customers quick response times in resolving delivery collection times etc.

Tracking & Fleet Management

A tracking device has been installed in all our trucks. This device acts a "Black box" cointaining a wealth of information about the journey of the truck and it's exact location etc. Using GPS and GPRS technology, vehicles can be tracked via the internet, day or night from anywhere in the world! Trucks and deliveries can be located at the touch of a button. This system enables us to provide accruate and preceise delivery times.

Temperature Tracking

All our refridgerated trailers are fitted with state of the art thermo king trackings systems. GPS and GPRS technology is used and linked with the refridgeration unit's micro processor controller. This enables real-time information about the trailor to be available i.e. location and status

Service at a Call,Mobility Around the Clock